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Nicolas Desmarchelier (F) - guitar
Olivier Toulemonde (F) - objects
Martine Altenburger (F) - cello
Angelika Sheridan (Köln) - flutes
Dirk Marwedel (Wiesbaden) - saxophone
Ulrich Phillip (Wiesbaden) - bass
Ulrich Boettcher (Wiesbaden) - electronics
Tiziana Bertoncini (Cologne/SL) - violin
Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Cologne) - tuba
Philip Zoubek (Cologne) - piano
Michael Vorfeld (Berlin) - percussion
Xavier Charles (F) - clarinets
Eiko Yamada (Heidelberg/J) - flutes
Matthias Muche (Cologne) - trombone
Markus Eichenberger (CH) - clarinets
Nate Wooley (USA) - trumpet

This Ensemble was founded in 2009 by the Cologne based tuba player Carl Ludwig HŸbsch. It combines excellent improvisors out of Europe and beyond who share profound experiences in playing in bigger improvising ensembles.

The Ensemble X members are known as playing or having played in groups like NRW Improvisors Pool, Ensemble Hiatus, Multiple Joy[ce] Orchestra, Ensemble 2INCQ, Domino Orchestra, BullŐs Eye Ensemble, Fineworks and more.

The focus of this group is to play with a chamber sound and great transparency, combined with high flexibilty in intermediate actions. This is to provide to the listender a close view (ear) into the micro structures of the music of the Ensemble X.