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tuba - turntables - voice

Carl Ludwig Hübsch: tuba
Claus van Bebber: turntables
Jaap Blonk: voice

Carl Ludwig Hübsch explores the expressions of amplified sound creation using the bell of the tuba coupled with sensitive miking of mouthpiece and valve key effects.
Claus van Bebber mixes sounds of selected and partially prepared vinyl disc excerpts on several vintage turntables.
Jaap Blonk employs 2 microphones with a range of stereo possibilites to combine the multiplicity of sounds that are produced by the voice, throat, lips and cheeks.
A lively sound picture evolves from the interplay of the participants; a process that paints a complex, multi-faceted aural landscape.


Jaap Blonk,
an autodidactic musician and sound poet, has participated in performances of classical sound poems (Schwitters a.o.) He is the founder and leader of groups like BRAAXTAAL and Splinks, ensembles presenting an array of experimental Rock and Jazz music. He collaborates regularly with contemporary ensembles and orchestras and has performed Improvisations with Mats Gustafsson, Michael Zerang, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Phil Minton, John Butcher amo. Numerous CD productions. Blonk has toured extensively in North and South America and throughout Indosesia. He is currently involved in a trio with Ivar Grydeland and Ingar Zach, a Duo with Maja Ratkje; projects which combine electronics and live video.

Claus van Bebber
is an autodidactic performing and visual artist. New, Experi-mental and Improvised music are the fundamentals of his interdisciplinary work. Has has participated in single and group exhibitions, solo and group performances as well as ensemble concerts in Germany and abroad. Since 1990 he has presenting the project: 'SCHALLPLATTENKONZERT' (Turntable Concert).

Carl Ludwig Hübsch,
is a tuba player who also studied drums and singing in Freiburg, Germany. He received his improvisation and composition (J.Fritsch) education in Freiburg and Cologne. Hübsch has performed Improvised, New and Jazzmusic with Lester Bowie,W. Breuker,M. Schubert, Frank Gratkowski, Jasper van't Hof, Arthur Blythe *(a.m.o.)*He frequently participates in performances of New Music and has numerous radio and CD-production credits. Hübsch has composed and performed music for many theater productions. Concert tours have taken him to India, Africa and the US. His current projects include, Trio: Hübsch/Schubert/Wierbos, Trio: Hübsch/Kimmig/Le Quan, Quartet Hübsch/Drner/Gratkowski/Griener and solo concerts.